Meet the Team Part II

Three facets that make a good volunteer are time, talents, and treasure. Ian Spomer has

IMG_4147 (1)

Ian Spomer

graciously given all three of these. He was the kick starter for our merchandise section of our website; an important component because it takes money to educate the masses. But he has given more than that. Often times we look at a volunteer or a community leader and forget that life is happening to them just as much as they are contributing to the lives and livelihood of those around them. Through personal turmoil of his own, he has still committed the time and energy into writing decriminalization legislation that we can all benefit from.

Jessica, is a strong voice for patient and doctor advocacy. This responsibility has turned into her own personal Mount Everest. There is a lot of hesitation from doctors and patients who should be openly supporting medical cannabis consumption but choose to opt out due to fear. It is a scary world to know that the one medicine that hasn’t failed your chronic pain can be the same thing that can take everything away from you. If caught by law enforcement, police have the right to take away your personal possessions, your freedoms, as well as your future successes. As a person labeled with cannabis convictions, it is a challenge to get employment and garner public trust. Can you imagine risking all of that just to escape a chronic ailment? Despite all this public stigma and fear she is the loudest patient and advocate to stand up and say, “HEY! This needs to change… we need to freely talk about this and be willing to change!”

There are others who understand the risks of this pro cannabis community and still give of their time, talents, and treasure but do so with a respected sense of anonymity. These volunteers are just as courageous, strong, and dedicated to our missions and values as everyone else on the board. So let me take this moment to ask of you? What can you give? What can you do or contribute to our mission of safe access of cannabis and ending marijuana prohibition?

Then there is myself, Stephanie Oxley. Your deep thinker, observer, writer, calculated risk taker, and humble servant. I have worked a number of years in the death care industry. I feel like I have walked down both sides of the shadows of life and death. Having ushered in two beloved daughters and ushered hundreds of families past the door of the Great Beyond. My heart pounds in moments of sadness and in moments of joy for those who


Stephanie Oxley

grieve and celebrate life. Whichever juncture you are at, I implore you to wonder. Question, discuss, agree, disagree, but I also implore you to take action. No matter what your cause is, do something. Neglect the hours on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Ignore the mass opinions of people who never justify their reasons with action, but instead take up your media devices in arms of whatever battle you choose. Are you passionate for animals? Volunteer, donate, walk a dog… Are you passionate for children? Give of your assets to Big Brothers & Big Sisters, half way houses, or even just take your grandchildren out for a good time… Are you eager to make a difference? DO SOMETHING…. Because if there is only one thing I have learned in life is that it really is too short. We are blind to believe that there is always a tomorrow to really do something about some thing. I tell you the truth when I say, “Maybe not.” I have buried enough young people whose light has been snuffed out in the blink of an eye to know that tomorrow isn’t promised. We only have today. So I ask again… What are you wondering? What will you do? What are you waiting for?

I firmly stand next to this board of directors eagerly awaiting the next juncture in our journey; will you come with? Because I can’t wait to see what more this alliance can do!


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